Our Agents

We have assembled a team of professionals here at Pike County Real Estate, Inc. that are absolutely second to none, and operate with the common goal of treating clients with honesty, integrity, and always putting the client’s interests first to ensure their needs are fulfilled. We feel this is a unique approach to real estate in comparison to most traditional companies in our industry, but we simply think of it as a common sense approach that’s focused first and foremost on meeting the needs of buyers and sellers. Call any of our real estate professionals today!

john-borrowmanJohn Borrowman
Illinois: Broker/Owner
Phone: 217-430-0645
E-mail: jmborrow@hotmail.com
richard-smithRichard Smith
Illinois: Managing Broker/Owner
Phone: 217-473-3286
E-mail: smithcollc1@yahoo.com
chris-nicholsChris Nichols
Illinois: Broker/Owner
Missouri: Managing Broker
Phone: 217-473-3777
E-mail: qdmchris@yahoo.com
tere-boesTere Boes
Illinois: Broker
Phone: 217-491-2267
E-mail: tereboes@hotmail.com
chris-littleChris Little
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-653-3697
E-mail: clittle@adams.net
elaine-smithElaine Smith
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-473-3288
E-mail: smithcollc1@yahoo.com
todd-smithTodd Smith
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-285-4720
E-mail: taxidermy1@frontier.com
robert-evansRobert Evans
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-491-2391
rodney-borrowmanRodney Borrowman
Illinois Broker
Phone: 630-247-0667
E-mail: rdborrowman@hotmail.com
cyndi-borrowmanCyndi Borrowman Kamp
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-779-1861
E-mail: cborrowman5a@yahoo.com
nikki-fishNikki Fish
Illinois Broker
Phone: 217-371-2858
E-mail: efish2011@hotmail.com
jacquie-simonJacquie L. Simon
Illinois Broker
Phone: 618-946-0894
E-mail: jlsimonrealtor@gmail.com

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